Almost as old as gambling itself are the self-proclaimed experts who always have a good tip in store. Over time, several strategies and betting systems have developed.

Martingale strategy

The most famous in the casino is probably the so-called Martingale strategy, in which you keep doubling your bet under certain conditions. But does this method really work?

Anti-Martingale Strategy

What is the Anti-Martingale approach all about? As the name suggests, this strategy has something to do with Martingale. We test whether it is an improvement.

1326 system

How exactly to bet in the 1326 betting system? This pattern is made for roulette, but you can use it in some other games as well.

D’Alembert system

Jean-Baptiste le Rond d’Alembert was a French scientist. He developed a roulette strategy that is still known to many players long after his death as the D’Alembert system.


In flat-betting, you always play with the same bet and this system is not limited to roulette. You can also work slot machines with this method.

Hollandish betting system

Hollandish betting system

The Hollandish betting system is complex and a bit more difficult to understand than other strategies. On the other hand, the risk of a total loss is lower.

Fibonacci system

The Fibonacci system is not without risk, because the stakes are always set higher. Nevertheless, this strategy has many fans who consider it almost safe. Why is this so?

Kelly formula

This is not about the family of musicians called Kelly. In fact, John Kelly was a US mathematician who revolutionized quite a few things. We’ll tell you how exactly you can apply the Kelly formula to roulette.

Markov system

The Markov system assumes that the probability of roulette numbers depends on the previous numbers. That is why roulette permanences play a role here. However, these assumptions have been disproved.


The Montante Américaine, also called Labouchere system, is not only a betting strategy, but also includes budgeting at once. This system looks a bit crazy at first glance, but it has it all.

Parol game

In the Paroli system, you increase the bet not after a lost round, but after a won round. You can distinguish between single, double and triple parlay.

Parlay betting system

Parlay betting system

In the parlay betting strategy, you build up your bets on each other when you win, but only up to a certain point. This effectively avoids a total loss.

Whittaker strategy

In the Whittaker strategy, you increase your bet when you lose in a round. However, unlike Martingale, the bet is not directly doubled.

Casino Bonus

With Casino Bonus you can systematically boost your balance. However, you also have to fulfill the turnover requirements (the so-called wager) and for roulette and blackjack you need Live Casino Bonus.

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