Both local and international agencies must do client verification checks. One reason for this is to keep kids and people who have told themselves they don’t want to gamble from taking part. Don’t forget that the Internet is just a made-up world. So, young people could easily say they are older than they are.

Account verification is also used to keep user accounts safe from money laundering and other illegal activities. By confirming your account, the online bookie can save your money securely. Authentication also ensures that a user only has one history on a website.

How Difficult is it to Verify an Account at an Online Sportsbook?

Verify an Account

Before, gambling sites only had to check a user’s identity before letting them make a withdrawal. But some operators must now do these checks before accepting a deposit or first bet, even if it comes with a free chance or offer.

Verifying an account is a simple process. Just provide the necessary documents, including a national ID card and bank statements. The rest is taken care of by the bookmaker. Because of these checks, you might not be able to gamble as quickly as you’d like on the site. Still, many trustworthy websites do these tests rapidly.

Know Your Client Process (KYC)

Know Your Client Process

The processes for “Know Your Customer” are easy to do. You have to sign up with 22Bet, for instance, then follow these steps:

       Go to the sportsbook’s website.

         Click the button to sign up.

·ill out the fields with your email address and phone number.

Complete the registration process.

Your email address may need to be confirmed by the online sportsbook. You will get an email with a link you need to click to finish the process. Please note that this email verification is separate from the verification of your identity.

To verify your account, go to the “Profile” section of your account and look for “Verification.” Send the necessary paperwork to the gambling platform and wait for it to be processed. Keep in mind, though, that the way each site handles “know your customer” will be different.

Identity Verification

The main goal of ID verification is to stop people under 18 from playing games. At a legal gambling establishment, it is easy to tell if someone is too young to gamble. Websites for online games are not the opposite of this. So, the operator will ask for proof that you are old enough to gamble legally.

Most places have a minimum age of 18 for gambling, and licensed operators must check your age before letting you deposit, bet, or withdraw money. If you give a bookmaker the address where you are registered to vote, they can usually quickly check your age. If you are not on the list of people registered to vote, you must show proof of age, like an ID card.

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